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Calendar - General settings

Here you will find settings that are related to different parts of the calendar module. 

There are settings specific to related functions, which are in the module's configuration menu.


Here you'll find the following settings:

  • Show absences from the work plan in the calendar: A setting to choose if you want to see absences in the calendar view.
  • Notify mobile users before appointments and calls: A setting to enabled notifications for appointments and calls.
  • All appointments for a day can be saved and retrieved, if selected: Allows days to be saved
  • Which adresse should be used for appointments that are marked as taking place 'Here': When setting a calendar appointment to 'Here', you can here select which CRM object that this should refer to.
  • View options: Here you can enable and disable different calendar view-options, that are found under the Calendar menu in the Calendar module.

Length of day

Here you'll find the following setting:

  • How long is a standard day in the calendar: You are able to declare what time of the day a workday begins and ends.

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