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The reminder module is used to create and manage reminders that users in a company and/or persons attached to it should pay attention to.

A reminder is composed of a message containing different information regarding specific objects in the system, e.g. a task. The message can be communicated to users and persons in various ways.

The essentials

Before we can start using the module, there is some configuration that needs to be in place.

The essentials are:

  • Reminders
  • Actions
  • Mails
  • Notifications


Reminders are used to remind users about different objects.

To learn more about reminders, please see the following page.


Actions are used to create automatic reminders based on triggered events.

Learn more about actions on the following page.


Mails are used to view any mails - sent and/or unsent.

Learn more about mails on the following page.


Notifications are used to view any notification sent to users.

Learn more about notifications on the following page.

Next steps

Now that you have learned about the basics of the reminder module, you are ready to create and manage reminders.

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