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Mail campaign

The mail campaign function enables your Microbizz solution to send out emails to specific persons attached to the mail campaign. This can be anything from newsletters, forms and other information. You'll be able to keep track of which persons has been a part of the campaign and if they have answered the form you've sent out.

A campaign can have multiple phases, eg. an initial mail and a followup mail. A phase may either simply send a mail, or it may request that the person fills in a form. When the form is filled in, the person advances to the next phase in the campaign.

Create mail campaign

To create a mail campaign: In the Person module > choose MAIL CAMPAIGN  > CREATE in the top menu.

Assign title, language, base color, logo if desired, team and the responsible user - when you are done and click the "Create"-button, the following page will appear:

Adding new phase

The next step is to add new phases. To add phases click on the "Add new phase"-button, following options will then appear:

Most fields are self explanatory, however a few words about some of the fields:

  • Mail type: The field requires you choose either mail or form. If form is chosen additional fields will be added to the phase with the possibility of choosing forms created in the setup module. Learn more about > Forms
  • Template: You need to choose a template in order to create a new phase.
  • Phase Title: This titel will appear in the overview of phases.
  • Delay: Specifies how many days there should be between the previous phase and this one, before this phase begins and the mail is sent.
  • Only work days and Time: Specifies the time aspects of the mail campaign.
  • Mail type: Whether the mail should be just an email of if it should contain a questionnaire (form).
  • Template: Which template that should be used when the mails are sent off.
  • Text: Here the text in the email should be entered.
  • Information about the sender of the email: This will be the informations that the receiver sees as and about the sender.
  • Hold emails?: Determines whether mail campaign mails should await approval or not.


This lists the persons that have been added to the campaign.

Adding persons to a campaign

Persons can be added to a mail campaign from the person search page.

Find the persons you want to add to the campaign, and mark the checkbox for the persons:

Then select "To campaign" from the "Change" menu and select the campaign.

A person can be added to a campaign without the campaign starting, that is without the first mail being sent; the campaign may then be started at a later date.

You can also add a person to a campaign from a process phase action.

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