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What's in this module?

This is the module for handling EDI invoice. EDIs are digital invoices that you receive when you buy something in a shop; the shop sends a digital invoice to an EDI provider who forwards it to your Microbizz system where it may be assign to a task and the lines in the EDI invoice may become product use on the task. An EDI includes information about the seller and about the products that was bought and their prices.

The Invoices module also provides handling of EDIs, but a different, older format for EDIs that are received via a different EDI provider.

The EDIs go through various phases whilst being processed in Microbizz, typically from "incomplete" to "approval" to "assigned"; you may define additional phases. Each phase defines who are allowed to move the EDI to the next phase.

Product numbers may be blacklisted. This prevents product use from being created from EDI lines.

To start using the EDI module you will need to tell Ventu which EAN/GLN and tax numbers that you use. EDIs are only imported if they match the setup in Microbizz. You can also import an EDI by sending it to where XXXX is your Microbizz contract number. Or you can import an EDI XML file from within Microbizz.

If you used the old EDI module then the EDIs from there can be viewed in the Invoices > Archive menu in the new module.

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