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Upgrading to Exchange Modern login

It is now possible to use a "modern" login for Exchange, when using Office365. The modern login have several advantages:

  • User names and passwords for Exchange are not stored in Microbizz.
  • It supports Microsoft multi-factor login.
  • It isn't deprecated.

Be aware that the current way of logging in is deprecated, meaning that it will stop working at some point, so everybody should upgrade to the modern login.

How to upgrade.

1) Go to the settings module and select "other systems" from the "integration" menu.

2) Press the pencil icon next to your Exchange integration and select "edit".

3) Mark the "Use modern login" and save the integration.

4) You have now upgraded.

What happens from here.

The integration will keep working, but next time the user needs to confirm his/her password or when adding new users the login procedure will be different.

When setting up Exchange for the user, you will notice that the username and password fields are gone. Instead when you save this information, you will be redirected to Microsoft where you have the option to sign on and you will be asked if you want to provide access for Microbizz to your calendar information. When you confirm this, you'll be send back to Microbizz and the integration setup will be finished.

Read more here:

However, they give all their customers the opportunity to extend a little longer if they are not ready for it.

Here is a guide on how to extend here:

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