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Microbizz app version 2 end of life

As our new app "Microbizz ver. 3" is widely available, we have announced end-of-life for our earlier app "Microbizz ver. 2" meaning that all users are encouraged to upgrade to the version 3 of the app.

End of development

We reached end-of-development in May 2021, meaning that we don't develop on our Microbizz app version 2 anymore. This means that technical errors and compatibility errors can't be corrected anymore.

End of support

We will be ending support of our Microbizz app version 2 in October 2022, meaning that we cannot answer support questions regarding that app anymore.

Android 12 incompatibility

We are aware that our version 2 app is not working on the Android 12 platform. Users who are still using the Microbizz app version 2 should therefore not upgrade their devices or buy new devices running this version of Android, as we can't fix this.

Support for plugins in Microbizz app version 3.

We are working to support the Microbizz plugin architecture in our Microbizz app version 3, which makes it possible to implement custom content directly in the app.

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