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Approving hours

It is possible to setup approving of hours, so one user can approve the registrations of another user. In this workflow a daily hour sheet can have three statuses.

OpenThe hour sheet is still open and can be filled by the user.
Closed - unapprovedThe user have indicated that the hour sheet is finished, but it isn't approved yet.
Closed and approvedThe user have indicated that the hour sheet is finished and it is also approved by a teamleader.

Enabling approval of hours

Approval of hours is enabled from the settings in the hour module.

To enable approval, check the box "Must be approved". Pr. default the hour sheet is approved as a whole, but one can enable approval of individual lines by checking the "Approve each line" item. In this case each line on the hour sheet must be approved individually and when all of them are approved, then the hour sheet as a whole is considered approved.

Who can approve

Approval is managed through general permissions and policy. If a user have access to another user by policy and have the permission "approve others" then they can approve the hour sheet of that user.

If a user closes their own hour sheet and have the permission "approve own" the hour sheet is approved automatic as part of the closing, and no further approval is needed.

If you are a team leader for team A, and you are not allowed to approve work sheets from team B, but a user from team B has worked on a task that belongs to team A, then you may approve the work sheet for that  user. 

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