Set up new pages

When you choose Pages in the menu Extranet in the module Extranet, you will get a list of all the current pages.

The two pages "Login page" and "Front page" will always exist, the rest can be added and removed as required. On the list, each page's title and content (in parantheses) is shown.

You can click on the pen

next to a page, to edit it and its content, or on the red button
to delete the page. You change the order of the pages, by simply dragging a page to another spot on the list.

The options allowed when editing a page, depends on what content the page is showing, look below.

Create new page

You have to specify a page title, along with the content the page will show; the page title will be used as the title on the Extranet page. Finally you have to specify where in the menu, the page should be shown; here you can either choose main menu, or that the page should be shown as a submenu in one of the pages you have placed in the main menu.

The following forms of content can be found by choosing from the Contents menu:

  • Frontpage - text page
  • Base system - text page
  • Base system - external link
  • Base system - edit info
  • Question form - Statistics
  • Base system - contact
  • Users - overview
  • Users - files
  • Company - notes / communication
  • Company - files
  • Company - edit info
  • Company - production
  • Company - ordre from
  • Company - file archive
  • Company - Company list
  • Company - Week list
  • Tasks - Overview
  • Tasks - Repeated
  • Equipment -overveiw 
  • Support tickets
  • Unit - overview