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The Configuration button (in the top right corner of the page) gives access to the settings for the EDI module.


This section has a number of settings that affect assigning and booking of EDIs.

EDIs on accepted tasks

This controls what happens when an EDI that refers to a closed task is assigned. Choose one of the following:

  • Allow assignment, and cancel accept: If the task type required accept then the task is simply marked as “not accepted”, otherwise the task is reopened. See “New task state when reopening” below.

  • Block assignment on accepted: You will not be allowed to assign the EDI if the task is closed+accepted.

  • Block assignment on closed (and accepted): You will not be allowed to assign the EDI if the task is closed or closed+accepted.

  • Allow assignment: The EDI will be assigned.

  • Allow assignment, and reopen task: The task will be be reopened. See “New task state when reopening” below.

How should EDIs be booked

This determines when the EDI is booked, i.e. sent to Economics or similar.

New task state when reopening

Here you can determine the task state to use when reopening a task, see “EDIs on accepted tasks” above.

Static product number

Change the product number to a static value when assigning EDIs.

Product number for global discounts

The product number to use for any global discount in the EDI.

Set price to zero

If checked, the price of the product is set to zero when assigning EDIs.

Assign allowance charge lines

This determines if allowance charges should be assigned, ie. converted to product use on the task.

Users and roles

This section allows you to configure which users and roles may edit EDIs in the various states.

Mail import

This section is about importing EDIs by sending a mail to (where XXXX is your Microbizz contract number), with the EDI XML as the first attached file that matches.

The mail must match the setup; if both Sender, Subject and File name are empty then no mails will be imported.

Sender: this is an email address; if set it must match the mail sender exactly.

Subject: the mail subject must match this; if the text starts with / it is treated as a regular expression; otherwise if the text includes * then the * is treated as a wildcard, otherwise it must be an exact match.

File name: the name of the attached file must match this; regular expressions and wild card are allowed. F.ex. edi*.xml.

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