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Email dispatches

The system can be configured to send the same mail to many customers. This can be used for newsletters, christmas cards, sales, general information about your company virksomhed and much more.

If you can not see the menu email Dispatch, it is because you haven't activated that function.

The function is activated through:

  • Menu Settings
  • Submenu Settings

Here you can activate email dispatch and choose a type of strategy:

New email dispatch category

Emails have to be attached to a category.

A category is created through the menu EMAIL DISPATCHES > CATEGORIES

The fields you need to fill are:

  • Category: The category's title
  • From mail: Which email address shall appear to the receiver, as who it is from.
  • From name: What name shall the receiver see as the sender's?

New email

Then the email can be created through the menu EMAIL DISPATCHES > EMAILS > CREATE MAIL

Then the context of the email shall be filled in:

  • Subject: the subject of the mail
  • Body text: The body of the mail
  • Category: Choose the category created earlier
  • From (name): The name added to the mail as the sender
  • From (Email): The email of the sender which also facilitates the reply
  • Attach 1, 2, 3: Add file attachment to the mail

Then choose Save.

The mail is not sent when the email is saved.

Send Emails

In the list of created emails, the mail can be send to everybody who is attached to the chosen category, by clicking n the pen

and choosing Send.

Companies are attached to email dispatches through the dispatches tab

Here it is chosen, which mail categories are to be sent to the company's main email address and which are to be sent to the people associated with the company.

After setting up the category in the company, the mails can be sent from choosing the menu EMAIL DISPATCHES > EMAILS and pressing the pencil menu, and then Send as shown under.

Edit/Delete Emails

In order to edit and delete an email, you have to choose the menu EMAIL DISPATCHES > EMAILS.

Click on the pencil menu next to your desired email and choose either Edit or Delete.

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