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Product use

The product use tab is used in most modules and shows a list of products used on the specific object, if any.

When accessing the product use tab we see the following options:

  • Search product: Search for a product already declared in the system, or add a new product use to the object
  • Add product use: Add a new product use to the object

The Change button allows you to make changes to all the selected product uses; you select product uses using the checkbox at the left side, see below for more details.

Search product

When searching for a product, there are two choices:

  • Find product: A list of all products declared in Microbizz is produced and can be further filtered out to suit one's needs; the Advanced search checkbox reveals additional search fields, including the searchable custom fields
  • Shopping cart: After increasing / decreasing the amount to be added, one can click on any of the other fields (e.g. Product no. or Product) to add a product use

Notice that an empty search query will list the favourite products and the commonly used products.

Add product use

When adding a product use to an object, one can immediately search for any product in one's solution by matching on the following fields:

  • Product no.: A number to identify the product by
  • Goods: The title of the product

Furthermore, if needed, one can edit additional fields. They are as follows:

  • Budget area: Here you can choose a budget area you might have previously declared
  • Stock: Here you can choose a stock you might have previously declared
  • Is invoiced?: If checked, the product use has been invoiced
  • Reorder this? If checked, the product will be reordered
  • Date: The date the product was used
  • Time: The time the product was used
  • Note: Here one might write something of interest regarding the product use

Edit multiple product uses

The Change button gives access to the following functions:

Edit marked product use

Here you may edited the marked product uses, f.ex. you may change the date or status for all product uses in one go.

You can also change the amount of product uses used in this view. You can change all selected or change the product uses individually.

Recalculate price and discount

You can use this if you have made changes to the pricing structure, eg. if you've change the individual prices for a company and now want to update the product to reflect this.

Delete selected

This deletes the marked/selected product use.

Move to other task

This moves the product use to another task; you will be asked to specify which task.

Copy to other task

This copies the product use to another task; you will be asked to specify which task.

Download QR codes

This allows you to download the product use as a PDF containing the QR codes for the products, or as an Excel file. 

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