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The invoices tab is used in most modules. The tab revolves around the invoice lines used on a specific object. The main purposes are:

  • View pending invoice lines
  • Edit and delete invoice lines

View pending invoice lines

To see a list of pending invoice lines, simply access the INVOICES tab. Here you will see a list of invoice lines awaiting to be sent.

Edit and delete invoice lines

You can edit or delete any invoice line by clicking on the pencil to the left of an invoice line as shown below.

When editing an invoice line, you can change and add any information to it.

The information you can change are as follows:

  • Customer: The customer you want to invoice. Choose from the companies you have registered in the CRM-module
  • Invoice date: The date for the invoice
  • Line: The services or products you have available for your customers. For more on this, please refer to invoices exporting functionality
  • Product no.: Give the invoice line a product number to identify it by
  • Count: The amount of the service or product
  • Unit: Here you can choose which unit the invoice line should be e.g. pieces.
  • Unit price: The price for each unit
  • Equipment: The equipment used in conjunction with the service or product. For more on this, please refer to the Equipment-module
  • Custom text 1: Here you can type in a custom text to attach to the invoice line
  • Custom text 2: Here you can type in another custom text to attach to the invoice line

After you have finished doing your changes, click on the Save-button.

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