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This tab is used to create multiple addresses for a specific company or task that can be used for the following purposes:

  • Replacing delivery or invoice address for the company
  • Quick selecting an address when creating a task
  • Quick selecting different EAN addresses for invoicing 

Creating an alternative address

As seen below, creating an alternative address is done by accessing the ADDRESS tab under a company or task and pressing New address.

The fields available are:

  • Name 1: A name you can identify the address by
  • Name 2: Another name you can identify the address by
  • Address: Street, number and apartment
  • Address 2: Supplementary address
  • Zip: Zip code
  • City: The city
  • Country: The country
  • EAN: The EAN number used to electronically identify an address (typically used for invoicing)

When editing an address in the CRM:

  • Set as delivery: When checking this, the company's primary delivery address is replaced
  • Set as invoice: When checking this, the company's primary invoicing address is replaced
  • Set as subcontractor invoice address: The address will be preselected amongst the address when select the company as a subcontractor for a task; there can only be one address with the setting for a given company.

After pressing Save the address is now available as seen in the picture.

Using an alternative address

When creating a task, the alternative addresses are available to be selected as a quick option as shown.

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