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Ventu work form

Ventu’s most important tool is Microbizz, where Ventu, as far as possible, works according to standardized and described workflows, implemented in Microbizz to achieve a uniform and measurable service.

Where it provides value, Ventu works according to the de facto standard ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library), which is an adjustable structure that describes best practices for providing quality service in the IT sector.

Ventu Service Desk

Service Desk is the single-point-of-contact (SPOC) in Ventu. The central point of contact between Ventu and Ventus customers, and especially Microbizz support contacts.

Service Desk is also the focal point for handling Microbizz related events (disturbances or potential interference in the availability of services or quality) and for service requests (Change Requests, course orders, and consultancy ordering).

Service Desk handles inquiries in Danish and English.

Service Desk opening hours

All weekdays (excluding public holidays, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve and Constitution Day)

Monday - Thursday: 8:30-16:00
Friday:                       8:30-15:30

Service Desk receives inquiries from extranet and mail all the time, but inquiries are only processed during opening hours.

Service Desk contact

Ventu Ekstranet:


Phone: +45 7023 5323 – Option 2

Ventu support contracts

Support contracts are agreed upon when purchasing a Microbizz solution but can be changed / purchased at any time through Ventu sales department. View the various contracts in PDF-form: Microbizz_Support_Flyer_Dec 20.pdf

Overview of support contracts

ContractContact optionsTypePrice
HypercareUnlimited contact by phone, mail and/or extranet via support contacts.Covered by the collaboration agreement.0 DKK
Extended support contractUnlimited contact by phone, mail and/or extranet via support contacts.Support subscription.1,850 DKK/month*
Basic support contractUnlimited contact via mail and / or extranet via support contacts. Contact via telephone is not included in the agreement.Covered by the collaboration agreement.0 DKK
Time BillingContact via telephone, mail and / or extranet. The company is billed for time spent by contacting the Service Desk if the company is not in Hypercare or is covered by an extended support agreement.Time billing950 DKK/hour**

*)  All prices are excl. VAT

**) Rounded up to the nearest 30 min.


When buying Microbizz, all customers get a “care” period with free support. The period is calculated from the first teaching day and is dependent on the solution being implemented. With standard solutions, 3 months of hyper care follow and with enterprise solutions follow 6 months of hyper care calculated from the first day of teaching.

The Hypercare period serves as support for teaching, training and operating support when the solution goes into production.


With an Extended Agreement, support contacts must freely create all types of inquiries to Service Desk via telephone or Ventu extranet / mail.


With a Basic agreement, support contacts can freely create all types of inquiries to the Service Desk at Ventu extranet / mail.

Time Billing

All inquiries that are not errors (Incidents) and that are not covered by an agreement will be billed for consumed time.

At least 15 minutes will be charged per initiated inquiry.

See Definition of Error (Incident) and Incident that are not errors in this document.

Support contact

As part of the start-up of Microbizz implementation the company must appoint min. 1 and optimally 2 support contacts.

More support contacts or replacement of support contacts can be purchased.

Parts of the company’s processes are standardized and automated with the implementing of Microbizz. It is therefore important that only qualified users are designated as support contacts and assigned control over the tool.
Support contacts should be people who:

  • knows the company’s business processes
  • is experienced Microbizz user and / or trained in functions relevant to and implemented in the company
  • has attended Microbizz support contact education
  • is the company’s go-to person in Microbizz related questions, needs and wishes
  • has technical understanding and interest
  • is available to those colleagues who must be supported and ensure the support preparedness in the company
  • knowledge sharing/ensures that information regarding Microbizz is communicated to users

If the support contact’s tasks in the company are not handled or are not adequately managed Service Desk can recommend the replacement, upgrading or adding of support contacts to achieve the best possible benefits from Microbizz.

Support contact education

Support contacts are trained to handle daily support tasks with a focus on debugging and qualifying / specifying inquiries to the Service Desk.

The education typically takes 2 hours for users on standard solutions and 4 hours for users on enterprise solutions and can take place over the phone, Skype, TeamViewer or at Ventu.

Replacement or addition of several support contacts is ordered from the Service Desk.
Replacing or adding support contact will be billed to cover the education.
Added support contacts (2+) triggers a monthly fee.

It is a requirement that the aspiring support contact has in-depth knowledge of the company’s work procedures and is experienced Microbizz user or has received instruction that covers the solution to be supported.

The tasks of support contacts


The support contact supports the users’ daily use, identifies any errors or inconveniences in the system or setup, and identifies users who use the system incorrectly and ensures that users have received the necessary training in the company’s implemented workflows and the Microbizz features that support these workflows.

Implemented workflows

An implemented workflow is a set of functions, configured in Microbizz with the help of a Ventu business consultant who has secured that no parts of the workflow are lost. E.g., statuses captured in a filter on the front page where it is presented to employees with this area of responsibility so that tasks do not get stuck or forgotten.

Communication with Ventu Service Desk

Support contacts handles all communication between the company’s users and Microbizz Service Desk.

Ventu communicates with support contacts rather than communicating with ordinary Microbizz users.

Partly because it saves valuable time for both Ventu and the customer when communication is handled by dedicated people who understands how the company’s workflows are supported in Microbizz and partly to ensure that specialist knowledge of the system is centralized with the support contacts.

In special cases, it may be necessary for Service Desk to contact ordinary users in connection with testing or troubleshooting specific errors.

However, this will only be done by agreement between the support contact and a Microbizz supporter.

Knowledge sharing

The support contact makes sure to communicate any changes to the Microbizz application to the company’s users in connection with changes to workflows and in connection with updates to Microbizz functionality.

Troubleshooting and qualifying errors

The support contact makes initial qualification to ascertain whether it is a fault or incorrect use of Microbizz.

Specification of Change Requests and product ideas

In collaboration with task manager, the support contact specifies Change Requests and product ideas so that it is clear what is to be developed / configured.

Types of inquires

An inquiry is a contact or inquiry where someone requests or informs about something.

Service Desk creates cases for each inquiry that is received, regardless of how many topics the query contains to categorize inquiries.

Ventu Service Desk accepts inquiries that relate to

  • Support (Need for help to use Microbizz on implemented workflows)
  • Incidents (a deviation from normal operation)
  • Change Requests (a need for change of functionality or reports)
  • Product ideas (ideas for further development)

Response time

Written inquiries are attempted to be answered immediately or within 8 working hours. Response does not mean that work is done or begun but will often be a confirmation that the inquiry has been received, understood and a plan for what will happen to the inquiry further.
Telephone calls are logged and prioritized on equal terms with written inquiries and are therefore not dealt with more quickly than written inquiries.


Support is self-help support and help on how to use implemented workflow features and help with the support contact function.

Support is not teaching, help with changing / implementing workflows, requesting additional services or Incident handling.

Questions that clearly indicate that the support contact does not understand the workflow or the supporting functionality in Microbizz will be followed up with training offers

E.g. support is help with why a form does not do as expected. Support is not teaching how to make schedules from scratch


Inquiries regarding Incidents are received no matter which support agreement the company has with Ventu.

Definition of Incident

An Incident is an unplanned interruption to a service, a reduction in the quality of a service or an event that has not yet impacted the service to the customer.

The user or the support contact must be trained in the workflow that is reported as incorrect and understand how the workflow supports the company’s tasks.

Events which are not Incidents

If the Incident is a result of changes made by users or support contacts to the implemented workflows (E.g. conditions that affect finances, start pages, the way in which statuses change or delete data), the inquiry will not be treated as an Incident, but as a billable Service Request for restoration of normal operation.

Change Requests

Change Requests are request for changes to workflows, changes to functionality or development of reports to be made to the company’s Microbizz solution.

If the price is important for whether the change is accepted, Ventu can give a rough estimate of the task.

Detailed estimation and preparation of offers for Change Requests are invoiced according to the applicable tariff but the estimation price is deducted from the purchase price if the offer is accepted.

Only support contacts can access Ventu Extranet for Service Desk inquiries, but access is also granted to persons who are to accept prices if the support contact is not allowed.

The support contact contacts Service Desk and requests the access.

To create the person, Service Desk must have information about the person’s first name, last name and e-mail address.

Product ideas

Product ideas are suggestions for new features and enhancement of existing features that one is not interested in paying for, but which might add value to the Microbizz application.

Guide to Ventu extranet

1 - Guide to Ventu Extranet

New inquiry

Support – How to


Support – Something has stopped working

3 - Support incident

Change Request

Microbizz is developed as a standard solution and a Change Request is no guarantee for the change to be made. Changes are made if they fall in line with the direction in which the product is to be developed.

4 - Change Request

The current procedure and pricing for specification of changes described is stated on top of the request form.

Describe the change request so clearly that upon delivery there is no doubt as to whether the delivered corresponds to the ordered in the agreed time and quality.

Describe the need for change and describe the requirements for the solution so precisely that it is possible to verify whether the requirements are met.


  • Not verifiable: Price is to be shown
  • Verifiable: On the offer, the sales price incl. WAT of the individual item added must be stated

In the description of the requirement, there must be no room for interpretation unless it does not affect the need to be fulfilled.


Colour choices can be important in a report or something else that must be presented to customers, but in the Microbizz user interface it has no importance and effect on the functionality.

When ordering reports, a file showing the fields and the desired result must be attached.

Indicate whether a coarse estimate is required for the task before the task is specified to a detailed offer. A coarse estimate does not cost anything, but if the task is to be described in details a deposit is charged at the applicable rate.

Product idea

A product idea corresponds to a Change Request but needs not be as precisely described as a Change Request.

However, it is easier to work with well-described ideas and assess whether the idea adds value.

5 - Product idea


6 - Ongoing

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