Policy / policies in Microbizz define which access is granted to a specific team, when looking for objects (e.g. users, tasks, crm etc.). A policy can be one of three options; Free, Team or Restrictive. Respectively this decides whether the team have access to all objects, objects within the team or objects where the user is responsible.

Acces and edit policy

To access and edit policies: Click on the MODULE ICON (e.g. User module, CRM module etc.) > and choose SETTINGS > POLICIES in the top menu. 

To change policies simply drag and drop the teams to the desired option.
The set up is saved instantly, and only pertains within the chosen module. See what the policy does in the respective modules. 

Policies - 3 options all connected to the team level

It´s important to note, that policies all are connected to the team level. If you for instance want a specific team to be able to see all tasks in the task module, the team needs to be assigned to the access level: Free. If you only want the team to be able to see tasks related to their specific team, the access needs to be set to: Team.

The setting is overall and doesn´t include functions or the ability to control access on user levels such as normal user or team leader. To control access to specific functions on user levels you need to adjust the permissions. 


Apart from policies, access to objects and functions in Microbizz highly depend on permissions. Policies give the overall access, permissions is a much more detailed way of controlling access to functions.