Microbizz's GDPR handling can be set up in the User module, the CRM module, Task module, Project module and the Person module.

The GDPR handling allows to specify what should happen when a project expires. This is to prevent that you retain old data for employees that have left your company long ago.

Each project has an expiration date; when the date is reached the project is deleted or some of the project's data is cleared.

Here you'll find the following settings:

  • Default expiration period: When the project is edited the Microbizz will suggest an expiration this far into the future 
  • When expiring: What should happen when the expiration date is reached. Choose between one of the following:
    • Do nothing
    • Anonymize the selected data fields:
      • When anonymizing data, also delete...: Specify which additional data that should also be deleted when the expiration date is reached
    • Delete the task
  • Person data fields: These fields should be cleared when the expiration date is reached, this should be the fields containing sensitive personal data