When Connect is enabled, a new tab "Connect" appears on each task, from where one can control sharing with Connect.

Sharing a task

To share an object, click "Share with..." and select who you want to share it with and what you expect from the foreign company.

  • Share - the task will just be shared, with no further instructions.
  • Request quote - you want to receive a quote on the task from the foreign company.
  • Carry out task - you want the foreign company to carry out this task.
  • Request to do task - this is a special case. Please see below.

Requesting to do a task

In some setups you have the opportunity to suggest to carry out a task for a foreign company. When selecting this, you "turn the table" and instead ask the foreign company to ask you to carry out the task.

Example: Your company is responsible for doing maintenance work on a building, administered by the foreign company. One day you spot a faulty door, which you can fix, but isn't part of your general agreement with the foreign company. In this case you can create a task on fixing the door, and share it to the foreign company with the "request to do task" objective, while also attaching an estimate as a file to the task. The foreign company can then review the task, and ask you to carry it out, if they agree to your proposal.

Be aware that, if the foreign company only are connected through Microbizz Share, this option isn't available.

Receiving a response.

When the foreign company responds to your request a notification is generated to the responsible user on the task.

Information shared.

When sharing a task, the following information is exchanged to the foreign company:

  • Task title.
  • Task description.
  • Address information on the task location.
  • The task coordinates (if any).
  • The startdate and the deadline.
  • The name and phone number of the task contact person.
  • The payment address information including GLN information (if any).