In order to use Microbizz Connect, you will have to connect with other companies. You can either connect by finding other companies in the network, or other companies can find you and request to connect.

Connecting to another company.

To connect to another company, you first need to locate the company in the Connect network. From the "Network" menu select "Search Companies" and then enter your search term, which can be part of the company name or any other information.

You will now be presented with all relevant search results, and when you find the company you are searching for, select "Connect". A Connection request will now be sent and when the foreign company responds, that response will be available in your inbox.

Receiving a connection request.

When another company tries to connect with you, this request will appear in your inbox.

If you don't want to connect with the foreign company, select Reject to send a rejection, or select Reject and block to send a rejection, and furthermore block connection requests from that company in the future.

If you want to connect, select Accept. To have a connection, you will need to have a corresponding company in your CRM system, so you'll be prompted to create one or link the connection to an existing object.

Click Save connection to complete the connection.